The Registration Branch deals with the administration of

(1) The Indian Registration Act, XVI of 1908
(2) Statutory Order and Rules and Executive Orders of the Governor Act XVI of 1908
(3) Rules framed under section 68 of the XVI of 1908
(4) Instructions and orders issued by the Inspector General of Registration from time to time
(5) The Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, 1935 Rules and regulation framed therein under
(6) The Kazis Act, 1880 and the rules framed therein under
(7) The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 and the Statutory Rules and Statutory Orders and Executive orders framed therein under
(8) Act III of 1972 (An Act to provide a form of marriage in certain cases) and Statutory Orders and instructions
(9) The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
(10) The Hindu Marriage (Assam) Rules, 1961
(11) The Special Marriage Act, 1954
(12) The Special Marriage (Assam) Act, 1957
(13) Indian Stamp Act, 1899 (as amended)
(14) Stamp Manual
(15) Transfer of Property Act, 1882 for a duration of six weeks.