The Nazarat Branch consists of the following three sections

  • Nazarat Section
  • Bakijai Section
  • Loan Section
  • Nazarat Section

It deals with the following subject matters

  • Maintenance of cleanliness of buildings under Deputy Commissioner
  • Office accommodation
  • Purchase of stationeries and miscellaneous article including furniture, liveries etc. and their proper distribution
  • Arrangements for meetings, conference etc. and arrangement for refreshment
  • Circuit House and Dak Bungalows
  • Ceremonial functions including Independence Day, Republic Day
  • Protocol functions
  • Burial/Cremations
  • Telegraphs, Telephones
  • Vehicles
  • Holidays
  • Administration of
  • Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1960
  • Assam contingency Manual
  • Bakijai Section:

This section deals with the recovery of dues under

  • The Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act
  • Rules under chapter V of the Assam Land and Revenue Regulation, 1886 relating to arrears and mode of recoveries
  • The Bengal Public Demand Recoveries (Assam Amendment) Act, 1962
  • Loan Section:

This section deals with the administration of

  • The agricultural Loans Act, 1884 and the rules framed there under
  • The Land improvement loans Act, 1883 and Rules framed there under
  • The Assam Aid to Industrial (Small and Cottage Industries) Act, 1955 and Rules framed there under
  • The Assam Rehabilitation Loans, 1957
  • The Assam recovery of Loans Act, 1976
  • The Assam Recovery of Loans (Amendment) Act, 1977