The Development branch in the D.C.'s office is looked after by A.D.C. (Development) who is assisted by the District Planning Cell that includes planning officer, Assistant planning Officer etc. The various functions of the Development Branch i.e.

  • Decentralized Planning : Decentralized Plan process was originally introduced at the sub-divisional level in 1987-88 under the Panchayati Raj Act,1986 covering all Plain Sub Davison of The District. Each Civil Sub-Division was adopted as a unit of Planning and the Sub-Divisional Planning and Development Council (SPDC) for each Sub-Division was constituted

As a 'Planning Body' for finalization and monitoring the Sub-Divisional Plan . But SPDC ceased to exit with the repeal of the Act by the Assam Panchayati Raj Act, 1994, Keeping in view the provisions of the 73rd and 74rh Constitutional amendments for constitution of the District Planning committee (DPC) with the Minister/Minister of State as Chairman at the District Level. Accordingly, District Planning and Monitoring Committee (DPMC) was constructed At the District Level .Accordingly, D Planning and Monitoring Committee (DPMC) was constituted at the District level with all District Heads of Development Department, MP and MLAs of the District as members. The DPMC has been functioning from 2004-05 in each District other than the 6th schedule area of the State.

  • Preparation of District Development Plan : District Development Plan has been initiated in 2005-06 with a view to develop the people's participation in the process of Socioeconomic development and to ensure optimum and gainful employment by generating capital asset at the grass-root level. The District Development Plan was prepared and implemented by the District Planning and Monitoring Committee (DPMC) in Selected District .in 2006-07,an amount of Rs.200.00 crore has been earmarked for implementation of District Development plan in 17 Plains District of Assam.
  • MPLADS/MLALADS : Under the MLALAD Scheme, District Authority will consider and implement the schemes as per recommendation of the concerned MLA of the Legislative Assembly constituency. Each MLA is entitled to get RS.30.00 lakh. Annually with the maximum limit of individual work not exceeding Rs. 5.00 lakh. Similarly, under the MPLADS, each MP is entitled to get Rs. 2.00crores annually with the maximum limit of individual work not exceeding Rs.25.00 lakh.
  • Untied Fund Schemes : Special attention has been given for Infrastructure Development of most needy areas of the district. Under United Fund, selective schemes particularly in the areas of health and water supply ,education, culture, agriculture and allied sectors etc. are being sanctioned and placed under disposal of concerned District Authorities for its implementation. Under Untied Fund, special attention has been given to provide special benefits to the local people by implementing state priority schemes such as Kalpataru, Buniyad, Gyanjyoti and Dhaarmajyoti Scheme,
  • District Development Committee : The DDC meeting is held every month. The DDC looks after formulation, issue of sanctions, implementation and monitoring of plan scheme and sorting out inter-departmental matters.
  • District Planning and Monitoring Committee.
  • District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee.
  • DRDA related matters
  • Cooked Mid Day Meal Scheme : D.C.'s and SDO (Civil)S Have been Notified as Nodal officers for supervision and monitoring of the scheme in their respective district /sub-division.
  • National Family Benefit Scheme
  • National Old Age Pension Scheme