I. AACP: - This is a World Bank assisted scheme under which following components are executed.

MECHANIZATION:- Tractor and Power Tillers are distributed among farmers group at 30% subsidy.

IRRIGATION:- Shallow Tube Well (STW) and Low Lift Pump (LLP) are installed at farmers field at 50% subsidy.

LAND DEVELOPMENT:- Drainage decongestion is done at 70% subsidy

MARKET DEVELOPMENT:- - Existing markets are developed by constructing one retail shed with toilet block and hard pavement.

1. Executive Engineer (Agri), Jorhat
(Looking after Jorhat and Golaghat district)
Technical staff: - Asstt. Engineer = 1
Junior Engineer = 5
Asstt. Executive Engineer (Agri), Golaghat

Technical staff: - Asstt. Engineer = 1
(Looking after Golaghat district)
Junior Engineer = 3
Asstt. Executive Engineer (Agri), Majuli

(Looking after Majuli Sub-division)
Technical staff: -Asstt. Engineer = 1
Junior Engineer = 2